Secret Society Revealed

The Voynich Manuscript now appears to be details of a Secret Society, The Cult of Hermaphrodite, which had been previously uncovered at Pompei and Herculeum, and other statures and art works through the ages.  Did this mysterious society commission an artist to make this book, and to make it encrypted to keep it secret to avoid persecution?   This site presents a new theory based on evidence from the book and also from the context of the Villas of Tuscany Italy 

With the spectacular Plant identification efforts of Dr. Sherwood, (1)

this previously unreadable book opens up to show us a whole new secret society 

of Women and their Secret Herbal Gardens, far beyond what was previously known 

from Greek Mythology regarding Hermaphrodite and the control and  transformation of Men. 

It also contains an amazing set of herbal treatments for a very wide variety of ailments, female needs, 

and the preparation of deep green concentrated herbal baths for transdermal therapeutic applications  

The rich assortment of herbs carefully planted in specially designed Oases,
with vitrified clay pipe  plumbing, tanks and filters,

indicates a very deep knowledge of how all this biochemical alchemy could be
accomplished in a most seductive beautiful fashion, 

worthy of the highest ranking members of society and the men they chose to join them, perhaps even including 

Leonardo da Vinci as more than just their friend/artist/book author (3), a full member of their Cult. 

Dr. Sherwood's Voynich  Botanical Indentifications (4)

    Medicinal Plants  

                         Belladonna  http://www.edithsherwood.com/voynich_botanical_plants/plant.php?id=1
                         Dungwort    http://www.edithsherwood.com/voynich_botanical_plants/plant.php?id=5
                         Cannabis     http://www.edithsherwood.com/voynich_botanical_plants/plant.php?id=28
                         Rhododendrons http://www.edithsherwood.com/voynich_botanical_plants/plant.php?id=53
                         Valerian http://www.edithsherwood.com/voynich_botanical_plants/plant.php?id=59
                         False Hellebore  http://www.edithsherwood.com/voynich_botanical_plants/plant.php?id=88
                         Blue Niole Lotus  http://www.edithsherwood.com/voynich_botanical_plants/plant.php?id=90
                         Lady's Mantle  http://www.edithsherwood.com/voynich_botanical_plants/plant.php?id=106

    Estrogenic, Aphrodisiac & Sex Related Plants

                         Nymphodies  http://www.edithsherwood.com/voynich_botanical_plants/plant.php?id=3
                         Sea Holly http://www.edithsherwood.com/voynich_botanical_plants/plant.php?id=11
                         Herb Paris  http://www.edithsherwood.com/voynich_botanical_plants/plant.php?id=27
                         Cannabis   http://www.edithsherwood.com/voynich_botanical_plants/plant.php?id=28
                         Cupid's Dart  http://www.edithsherwood.com/voynich_botanical_plants/plant.php?id=30
                         Yams  http://www.edithsherwood.com/voynich_botanical_plants/plant.php?id=31
                          Burning Bush  http://www.edithsherwood.com/voynich_botanical_plants/plant.php?id=39
                          Birthwort  http://www.edithsherwood.com/voynich_botanical_plants/plant.php?id=52
                          European Columbine  http://www.edithsherwood.com/voynich_botanical_plants/plant.php?id=77
                          Mandrake   http://www.edithsherwood.com/voynich_botanical_plants/plant.php?id=80
                          Ru   http://www.edithsherwood.com/voynich_botanical_plants/plant.php?id=89

                          Possible translations including 
                          lotus, soybeans, arum lily, worm wood, sea holly, urine (pregnant women's urine?) and strawberry flavored 

With this list of plants, its possible to concoct and incredible variety of mind, body and soul drugs
plus sexual drugs far more than is normally considered.
As we see from the possible translations of a concoction, a drug induced feminization formula is quite possible,
especially if the powerful estrogenic effect of Pregnant Women's Urine is included, which is comparable to the
Pregnant Mare's Urine known as Premarin. and also possible progesterone effects of yams.
Anti male effects from Mint and other drugs could add to the overall sexualization 
and feminization goal.  I find this is just the kind of formulation a Cult of Hermaphrodite would be quite skilled at. 

Of course ther seems to be a broad range of plants for including in that deep green bath soup mixture shown(5).  
Transdermal drugs, skin, respiratory relaxation, birthing, female pains, even down to the nails  (Nailwort)  
could all have mixed in carefully measured amounts in various tubs or pools to achieve various effects.  
At least one bathing nymph drawing shows a Hermaphrodite.  while others are mostly pregnant. 

We also see wonderful plumbing and mixing chambers, and possible translations by Kenndy/Churchill
mentioning the preparation process for the Hermaphrodite Feminization Process
lants put into humidification/solution, ramnifiecation/separations, and marination/ruminations, 
and its use for transdermal :"imperniated"  for "tiny teats" "feminization" until fully vested with "feminity"    

    "Well humidified, it ramifies; afterward it is broken down smaller; afterwards, at a distance, into the fore bladder it comes. Then veselled, it is awhile-after ruminated; well humidified it is clothed with veinlets. Thence after-a-bit they move down below; tiny teats they provide in the out-pimpling of the veinlets. They are impermiated; are thrown down below; they are ruminated; they are ferminised with tiny teats. It is operated so that it happens that they are fully vested with feminity.(7)

Quite a description of the Cult of Hermaphrodite transformation process, rivaling anything known today !(8)

The connections with astrological signs, stars and birth is evident on many of the pages in that section.
I found the Umbilical cord from the Mother to a Star quite a cosmic astrological concept,
where the soul comes from the heavens via this invisible cord connecting down into the fetus, 
quite a marvelous sacred imagery.

So this book is far different than Alchemy for gold, its more like Alchemy for Women, while it contains
many drug plants and poisons, its seems to lack the usual witchcraft elements and spells,,
although some of these poisons coul dhave been used to sedate or capture men. 
The diverse collection of plants for various female ailments, and birthing pains etc is also quite wonderful rather than evil
intentioned.  The Sexual Properties of so many of these plants is what really stands out to me,
plus the wonderful healing baths of all sorts, set in fantastic circular oasis garden islands rival any ever built.
One can imagine each island including selected plants for each purpose and pleasure.

Yes this book contains a very complete set of plans for a "Garden of Eve", and the Cult of Hermaphrodite,(9)
shrouded in encrypted artistic imagery necessary to protect this sacred knowledge & ancient mythology
from all who would declare it pagan, witchcraft, evil and destroy it.

To me, the Voynich is all about LOVE, and how the Story of Hermaphrodite has transcended time.

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Tuscany Italy